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Thèmes de recherche

Sujet de thèse :
"Characterization and source apportionment of emerging urban air pollutants: the volatile chemical products (VCPs)".

Etablissement : Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1.
Ecole Doctorale de Chimie de Lyon : ED 206.

There is a pressing need for a substantive, coherent, and coordinated assessment of the sources and formation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) arising from emerging volatile chemical products (VCPs). Indeed, such a new class of chemicals are suspected to be a main source of aerosol in urban atmosphere. In my doctoral research, I will address this need, with a philosophy of obtaining new insights into pollutant sources and budgets . I will do so by means of high-quality in-situ observation, i.e., based upon robust measurement of the species present in the air using novel instruments such as VOCUS PTR, Orbitrap MS, etc and combining them with laboratory experiments. It will complement and provide an emission inventory/modelling at the urban scale.It will provide a quantitative assessment of the sources, formation processes, burden, and characteristics of emerging urban pollutants with a focus upon VCPs.Hence, I will address through my doctoral research the sources and fate of this emerging class of pollutants in the urban environment.

Activités / CV

Activities with the school
1. Radio Anthropocene : Show titled "On the other side of the world".
Air pollution and climate change policies around the world
2. Anthropocene week / A l'Ecole de l'Anthropocène 2021.
Le Quart d'heure de l'art
3. Participation in l'Arbresle workshop (June 2021).

Work experience
- 19/07/2018–30/09/2020: Senior Research Fellow, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi (India)
Monitoring of PM2.5 & Receptor Modelling using CMB and PMF in Project titled "An Integrated Study of Air Pollutant Sources in the Delhi NCR" funded by NERC, UK & MoES , India
- 01/05/2019–22/05/2019: Senior Research Fellow, University of Birmingham, UK
Back trajectory based modeling using NOAA’s HySplit_4
- 08/05/2017–18/07/2018: Junior Research Fellow, Central Pollution Control Board, Agra (India)
National Air Quality Monitoring Programme: Monitoring, Chemical analysis, data management & QA-QC of criteria pollutants of ambient air in the air research laboratory.

- 2016-2018 Malviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur
MTech (Water Resources Engineering (88.9%)), Rank-1
- 2009-2013 Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Lucknow
BTech (Civil engineering (75.34%)), First division (Honors)
- 2008-09 St. Anthony’s School, Barabanki Senior Secondary (81.6%)
- 2006-07 St. Anthony’s School, Barabanki Higher Secondary (88%)

Fellowships awarded
- Qualified GATE-2016 in civil engineering (89.67 percentile)
- Qualified GATE-2015 in civil engineering (93.73 percentile)
- Qualified GATE-2014 in civil engineering (92.03 percentile)

- MTech: Study of Air Pollution and its variability with Rainfall in AGRA
- BTech: A Senior Secondary School building construction plan, design & estimate the framed structure with reference to CBSE NORMS & NATIONAL BUILDING CODE with the help of software Auto-cad.

Associate Member of THE INSTITUTION OF ENGINEERS (INDIA)(2014-present)

• Rulan Verma, Mukesh Khare,(2019) “Effect of Local and Global Meteorology on PM2.5 : A case study”.Best Paper Award at Indian International Conference on Air Quality Management, IIT Bombay.
• Rulan Verma, Mukesh Khare,(2019), “An Integrated Study of air pollutant sources in Delhi-NCR”, invited speaker, Viswa Bharti University, Santiniketan,
• Rulan Verma(2019) Urban Air Pollution in India: Current Scenario, expert talk, UDMRD Society, Delhi.
• Rulan Verma, Mukesh Khare,(2019) “Back trajectory based modeling of PM2.5 using HySplit_4,” Government Engineering College, Thrissur, Kerala.
• Rulan Verma, Mukesh Khare,William Bloss, Prashant Kumar (2019) “HYSPLIT Modelling Approach for the Assessment of PM2.5 over Indian Subcontinent” EGU2020 (in proceeding)
• 6-7 March 2019 Organizer at the international workshop “Tackling the Challenges of Urban Air Pollution – Linking Research and Policy for Air Quality Improvement”, IIT-Delhi
• 2017 Organizer at Conference on Geospatial Technologies and application for smart cities

• 2019, International Symposium on Air Pollution- Causes, Mitigation & Strategic Planning, Amity University, Manesar, India.
• 2019 Attended Annual Flagship conference of CERCA (IITD): Towards clean air in NCR
• 2019 International Conference on Challenge of Climate Change and air pollution -Impact on Health and economy
• 2019 Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on Climate Smart Governance Air Pollution: Challenges at IIPA, New Delhi
• 2019 World sustainable development summit India Habitat Centre New Delhi
• 2018 Future Visions for Work And Tech - A Celebration: The British Council India in partnership with Newcastle University, UK 22 October
• 2017 Completed GIS training program

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